Hey lovely single

Christian ladies!

My heart is for you! I was single for 15 years before God took me from divorced and demoted to my dream life in just 18 months.

For years, I knew in my head that I needed to trust God to make changes, but I couldn’t get there. I settled into an off-again, on again, toxic, drama filled romantic relationship. He was “fine for now” for far too long.

Maybe you can relate to my struggle.


I see you! Trusting God for more than what’s in front of you is hard.

To help you to trust God more to follow Him into your dream life, download your free guide today.

Once I verbally committed to trust God in every area of my life, He gave me really specific signs and words showing me His path. I followed His path to my dream location to work that fit how God created me, and ultimately, God gave me my dream man—all in just 18 months.


Although I don’t know God’s timing and plan for your life, I have talked to many women through the years with similar stories to know that He is not a respecter of persons. When they walked toward Him, He helped them surrender and desire what was best for them. God showed them signs that He was changing their circumstances, and when they kept following Him over an extended period of time, they too found their dream lives.

To help you to trust God and follow Him to your dream life, I’ve compiled what I wish I would’ve known sooner to get started. Download your free guide today!

If you are struggling with any of the following scenarios, I understand! I’ve been there…

  • Do you long for a loving, healthy romantic relationship but do you tend to settle for someone in your path?

  • Do you hide your dating life from my friends you have warned you about this relationship?  

  • Have you tried to hold out for something better, but then cave when you feel like a second-class citizen in church because you are either single or single again.

  • Do you tend to go back to a relationship that you know deep down isn’t the best after you see friends or family with their husbands or kids?

The truth is, If I didn’t learn how to trust God more than my toxic relationship when I did, I could have missed out on the DREAM LIFE I now have.


Looking back, I can’t believe close I came to a devastating second marriage. I’ve seen and talked to far too many ladies who accepted a less than great relationship that later imprisoned them in a dysfunctional or abusive marriage…some multiple times.


My guide, “5 Ways to Trust God More than Your Toxic Relationship,” offers the lessons I finally learned after years of heartache.


I put the key lessons into one guide to help you get started in


deepening your trust of God so that you can move forward sooner than you think!


I want EVERY Christian single lady to get free BEFORE it’s too late for her to make a change.


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